Did you know wolverines are native to Europe? Strangely, they are largely known only in North America. They are also known in the shamanic traditionĀ as a powerful spiritual totem associated with the energies of Loki, The Trickster, and change. For myself, the powers of change and the transience of power and magic are exemplified in the wolverine.

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About bill

I am a Journey Man all my life. this has been complex as it is for many of us. My youth as a country lad, fishing and hunting, and then walks and tramping. In later life I have learnt much through business, sales and personal development programs but more in quite moments observing nature. As a Druid within the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids I have been learning to make every moment a spiritual moment. Thanks to the pressures of commercial world I have had to learn to see and enjoy everything around me and have a practical streak in my spirituality. I live in this world and like to enjoy its earthy pleasures. The joy of cold feet bare in a mountain stream, pursing fish with a rod and line, yet taking joy in the birds and the sunsets, friends, a cold beer on a hot sunny day, my first cup of tea to birdsong, friends for coffee or the solitude of coffee in a crowd, this life is a blessing to celebrate and share wisely. Thanks you for touching me with your thoughts as you read my own. May your God(s) bless you in your journey, celebrate and enjoy with gratefulness. Wild BIll
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